Esports League for Clash Royale from Plexchat


Path2Pro Esports League has been launched by Plexchat for the most popular strategy genre game Clash Royale. The step has been taken to make mobile games as a flourishing part of the esports business. As per a prediction by Newzoo, this same business will reach a whopping $2.5 billion by the year 2020. The Path2Pro esports league is also a recognition that the players of this game need a better path to improve and become professional esports athletes.

Considering all the above benefits and advantages, Plexchat has now decided to provide the ecosystem and establish partnerships in order to ensure the smooth working of the esports league. It is developing the Path2Pro league independently without any explicit permission from Clash Royale’s development company – Supercell. Having mentioned that, Plexchat has kept Supercell in the loop about its plans and the same has been confirmed by

Shawn Foust – CEO of Plexchat

Registrations were open until January 28 and RPL bracket for the league concludes on February 25. Only those players will be allowed for the tryouts who will continue on. The team tryouts begin on February 25.
A chat platform for mobile gamers, Plexchat is forming the league with three top teams of Clash Royale game. These teams are Team Quesco, Nova Esports, and Tribe Gaming. Apart from this, Plexchat is also in touch with

Stats Royale, an independent company that is known as the statistics expertise of Clash Royale, for numbers and ranking for the league. Each and every participant of the esports league will get a chance to be a part of any of the top three teams.

Shawn came up with this idea after he checked the global tournament of Clash Royale to find its best player. And that’s where he felt the need of a bridge that could reduce the gap between the novice players and the veterans.

As per the stats, a whopping 28 million people played the Crown Championship World tournament. In the same tournament, 150 million+ battles were played and approximately 225 million towers were wracked and ruined.

The team of Plexchat has 20 employees and it has also partnered with The Royal Premiere League (RPL) in order to manage, as well as administrate the Path2Pro championship league.
As per Alvaro “Alvaro845” Gonzalez de Buitrago, the CEO of Team Quesco, they competed in some of the huge and great Clash Royale tournaments in the year 2017. The team is now looking forward to finding the rising star for their team who can join them in another big challenges and tournaments this year.

Supercell has already communicated that it wants the Clash Royale community to take initiatives on its own to build itself up. And this what exactly Plexchat is doing now. Shawn wants more and more partners to associate with and join the ecosystem over time. He believes that the same will help in making the mobile esports more sustainable.