5 Mobile Device Games to Keep Boredom at Bay


If you are a fan of mobile device games, then don’t miss the gameplay of these five terrific games mentioned below. Whether your favourite genre is turn-based tactics game or you love PvP naval battles, these games have got you covered. Check out the list!


As you dive into the gameplay of JYDGE, you get to master the top-down shooting mechanics of the game. Branding this game as the fusion of RoboCop and Judge Dredd won’t be untrue. However, there is no New Detroit or Mega-City One in the game. It’s the Edinburg that you need to survive. There are a plethora of different weapons and cybernetic enhancements in the game which further elevates the fun of playing the game.

Hero Academy 2

The Hero Academy 2 is a sequel to a pretty interesting medieval strategy game. Apart from an engaging and compelling gameplay, the game boasts of oodles of characters and a single-player campaign. Apart from these, there are various elements that make the game bigger, faster and tactical.

World of Warships Blitz

Join the high seas and action-packed battles as you plunge into the gameplay of World of Warships Blitz. Hop in a warship and go 7v7 on the ocean. The game is super fun to play and quite tricky to master. The game is free and thus, you can play it as much as you want.

Cytus II

This cool rhythm game is a sequel of Rayark. Apart from lots of improvement and enhancement, the game boasts of new and appealing visuals and more than a whopping 150 new songs. The game also comes with a compelling story which is strange yet enticing. But don’t let these fancy things fool you! The game is challenging right from its start. In fact, it has a chaos mode [literally] which escalates its hardness by several notches.

It’s Full of Sparks

The game It’s Full of Sparks is created by Noodlecake Studios which always surprises and amazes us with amazing games. Embark on a journey to find ‘The Old One’ on a firecracker. As you progress in the game and come across many hurdles and challenges, you explore the potential of your ride. You figure out that your firecracker can jump, climb, fly and do much more throughout the 80 levels of the game.